The mission of Circle Mortgage Corporation is to obtain the best mortgage, at the lowest rate, with the least amount of stress and confusion for each and every client.  The Company accomplishes this through its philosophy of simplicity, technology, efficiency, personal, unity, and professionally, giving it a STEP UP over the other mortgage firms.

The Company:
Located just north of Manhattan in Westchester County, New York, Circle Mortgage Corporation is a full-service mortgage brokerage company. “Full-service” means that all loans are processed, underwritten, and set up to close in-house. Here, there are no departments or voicemail to navigate. Of course there is 24/7 email communication with surprising responses going out in the middle of the night.

Circle Mortgage Corporation is a boutique firm, emphasizing on personalized service and effective financing strategies. Providing the best service to each client is an art that has been mastered.  At Circle Mortgage Corporation, you are a name, not a number.

Proud to be a long standing company in a shrinking industry, Circle Mortgage Corporation has forged strong personal and professional relationships with the lending institutions.  As a result, lenders have come to know and respect Circle Mortgage professionally and personally.  The Company’s thoroughness in completing loan applications has also won over the back office personnel at lender offices, as they have been known to go the extra mile for Circle Mortgage clients when needed.  These personal and professional bonds formed with the lenders have enabled Circle Mortgage to produce results on a superior level over other mortgage companies.

Dale Robyn Siegel:
Dale Robyn Siegel, Esq., founder of the Company, graduated from law school and began her career in the real estate world in 1986. After wearing the many hats of lawyer, title closer, banker, builder, investor and wholesale mortgage representative, she founded Circle Mortgage Corporation in 1996.

Working every aspect of the real estate transaction, as well as being an attorney, has placed Dale above her peers.  Over the past twenty years she has grown and strengthened her business with the desire to be a small powerhouse. She is recognized for her knowledge and integrity among the lending institutions and her quest to educate consumers and her own clients across the map. Dale takes pride in the personal relationships she forms with her clients and her work ethic.

Her credentials and experience, coupled with a dynamic speaking style, have captivated audiences during her numerous speaking and public engagements. Dale is invited to speak at dozens of seminars a year at private and public venues teaching consumers about the basics of real estate transactions and finance. She is an adjunct professor at New York University and Baruch College teaching licensing classes to industry professionals. Since the creation of the new Federal licensing requirements for mortgage loan originators, Dale has written many courses and practice exams used by NMLS industry wide.

Dale has been quoted in The New York Times, Better Homes and Gardens, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, The Chicago Tribune and many consumer and trade publications. She has been a guest on CNN, NPR and other nightly news shows.  An early entry into the blogging world, Dale has been the Editor of Diaries of a Mad Mortgage Broker since 1997. Always a consumer advocate, Dale wrote the award winning book, The New Rules for Mortgages and is currently working on a graphic novel outlining the process of getting a mortgage in a simple yet detailed timeline.

In the new mortgage world, many people have exited due to lack of business or stricter requirements for entry. Dale is expanding her sphere with more state licenses and forever writing about real estate and personal finance.

In the complex financial world, it is the service provider that makes all the difference. Circle Mortgage Corporation believes it is has a STEP UP on other companies based on its core philosophy:

Simplicity: Keep it simple during the loan process to accomplish the goal.

Technologically: Keep up with the latest technology in the industry to expedite the process and obtain the constant wealth of information on changes.  Utilize the latest and the best innovations to communicate with the client and vendors to accomplish the goal.

Efficiency: Know the work to be done. Keep track of tasks and manage them daily to accomplish the goal.

Personally: Know your clients. Speak to them.  Above all, listen to your clients. Explain the processes. Keep them informed. Be accessible and accomplish the goal.

Unity: Work with the clients. Work with the lenders. Be part of a team. And together accomplish the goal.

Professionally: Always present yourself professionally and honestly to those around you.  Know the world and how it affects your clients’ world. Leverage this knowledge to accomplish the goal.

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